Guest Posting Opportunities at 2Bridges

As we stated on our homepage, 2Bridges started out as a community of creatives that met via a Meetup group. We realized how hard it is to break into the entertainment industry so we created a company and a collective, where we pool our talent to provide professional photography and video production services in New York City and the Tri-State are.

We want our site to grow, and we understand we'll need more writers to help us get there. So we are opening up our blog for guest post contributions on the following topics:

Contact us for more details.

Here are some key guidelines for what we're looking for:

  • Focus on one topic. We prefer informative articles, such as guides, how-tos and best practices. We welcome creative insight on films you love, hate or admire. We welcome your thoughts on the works of noteworthy directors, actors or filmmakers.
  • Affiliate links won't be allowed.
  • A minimum length of 500 words with basic H2/H3 headings.
  • Cite proper sources and article must pass Copyscape (be unique).
  • All articles published will belong to the 2Bridges site (meaning you can't repost on another blog).
  • Make it real and honest in your own voice.

Before submitting an article, please submit your proposed topics to us and we can go from there.