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As we stated on our homepage, 2Bridges started out as a community of creatives that met via a Meetup group. We realized how hard it is to break into the entertainment industry so we created a company and a collective, where we pool our talent to provide professional photography and video production services in New York City and the Tri-State are.

We want our site to grow, and we understand we’ll need more writers to help us get there. So we are opening up our blog for guest post contributions on the following topics:

Contact us for more details.

Here are some key guidelines for what we’re looking for:

  • Focus on one topic. We prefer informative articles, such as guides, how-tos and best practices. We welcome creative insight on films you love, hate or admire. We welcome your thoughts on the works of noteworthy directors, actors or filmmakers.
  • Affiliate links won’t be allowed.
  • A minimum length of 500 words with basic H2/H3 headings.
  • Cite proper sources and article must pass Copyscape (be unique).
  • All articles published will belong to the 2Bridges site (meaning you can’t repost on another blog).
  • Make it real and honest in your own voice.

Before submitting an article, please submit your proposed topics to us and we can go from there.

What is guest blogging?

It is the art of getting your posts on others’ blog. It is one of the effective internet marketing strategies that is used to generate more traffic and generate authority for a website. But it is not enough to make a publication as a guest on someone else’s blog.

You should know how you can maximize the chance that your publications will be accepted and your goals for blog publishing. The practical ways to address a new audience and increase the ranking of a website. It helps you get in touch with the engine of your industry.

Especially in the entertainment industry, it’s all about exposure and reach. It’s important to reach out to video production and film sites like 2Bridges to get more exposure on your own website.

Reach more people than expected

Guest blogs offer you the opportunity to reach more people than you would have if you only stay on your blog. Posting exciting and informative guest articles will encourage your new audience to check your blog and turn them into regular readers. You should anonymize the blog more often to attract a wider audience.

Building relationships

The publication of guests on your website can open the door to the development of new relationships with other people within your niche. You will not be able to create relationships by getting and sending content and forgetting about it. You have to interact with your readers through the comments and follow them to see what they thought of him. If you’re lucky, they’ll spread the word that you’re a great blogger.

You end up connecting with other bloggers and discover opportunities for a new joint venture. That can help you advertise your services and products around the world and increase your repute among your clients. In short, in case some posts a post on your wall, where your clients visit, they will learn and know more about you.

Get new opportunities for your website

Another big reason why you should take the opportunity of an anonymous blogging is that it will help you discover new business opportunities. Not only will you join others in your market niche to offer a new product or service, but, with a broader audience, you have higher possibilities to attract the business of your readers.

Thus, you must anonymize the blog. If readers like their publication, they can visit their blog or website URL, which in turn will increase their site or blog ranking. For this, you should only provide the URL of your website at the end of its publication, so that your readers can follow it.

Boost your authority online

When you receive contributions from favorite high-traffic sites that are already recognized in the same niche as your business, establish a powerful partnership for both you and your brand. Sharing informational posts shows people you know what you’re talking about, and will remember your name the next time they look for similar information.

Regular contributions maintain high visibility, which results in your surname remaining fixed in the minds of readers. By submitting a series of publications on related topics, you can get new readers and develop your reputation as an expert. While it may be a little convincing for a blogger to publish one of your posts, once you have proven that you can provide excellent content, it will not be difficult to get others.

As you get people to write your guests’ publications, try to determine what kind of material your readers are looking for so you can give them more. Over time, you should be able to adapt your content to the readers of particular blogs. Once you know you have reached this stage, you should start working on your second article to send it to the same blogger after a few weeks.

Determine the reputation

Not many people are aware of this, but guest blogs can make you a reputation as an expert in your niche, as long as you write comprehensive and informative content instead of low-quality content. Guest blogs on recognized and recognized blogs can help you increase your reputation.

You may need to post to blogs that have less traffic. But keep it that way and, you will be considered and seen as an authority in your field. Without a doubt, guest blogs will help you in the way you write. Other readers will help you understand where you are making mistakes, which will improve your writing skills.

Brand and brand awareness

Guest Blogging is one of the effective ways to make your brand among your competitors. That will help you reach out to a broader audience to promote your website and generate more sales. Guest blogs not only help you improve your blog, but also connect you with other bloggers and increase your credibility in the market, which is suitable for the expansion of your business.

A guest publication is an excellent opportunity to influence consumers and expose them to what your company has to offer. provided your content is researched well and also written well, people will like to read it more and more.

Even if they may not come to your site at first, they will remember what they wrote and begin to associate that content with your brand.

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Guest blogs can do as much as ranking you high in search engines like traditional SEO. Each publication that contributes to an authoritative source creates a link to your site. Google responds to the pages that have a good network of this type of connections.

As you collect high-quality organic links from favorite blogs, you should see that your business site starts to have a better ranking in the Google ranking.


Creating good publications for guests takes time, but the more you get contributions from other sites, the more benefits for your business. Guest blogs are a blog marketing technique that is worth the effort. It may not cost you anything, and the combined benefits give your brand more exposure than you would expect to get through traditional marketing channels.

Guest blogs are a beautiful and effective way to add inbound links to your blog or website, but it’s more than a technique to create links. When done well, this can help you develop business relationships, increase your reputation in the industry and attract potential customers. All these benefits can make guest blogs worth their effort and time. Protection Status